Insurance prospecting technique for your warm market

Insurance prospecting system: Rolling 100

An agent at our local office developed a “Rolling 100” insurance prospecting technique to work and continue building his warm market.

After seeing how it has worked for him, we started premiering it in our videos and trainings and it has really helped others too!

Which makes sense because prospecting is easily the thing we are asked about more than anything else.

So, what is the Rolling 100?

Rolling 100 — an insurance prospecting technique

Cody Askins, our conference’s founder, says every agent has $100,000 waiting for them in their warm market alone.

The problem is, too many agents think they’re out of warm market prospects after they’ve run out of close friends and family to sell. So, the Rolling 100 is a list of 100 warm market prospects.

Our twist to it is every time you remove a name from the list, you add another one immediately.

Think it’s impossible? Stop confining your list to just family and close friends.

Your warm market, truly, consists of anyone who you have built the slightest relationship with. Here are some examples of some outside-the-box names you could put on your Rolling 100:

  • Friends of friends
  • Parents’ friends
  • Grandparents’ friends
  • Former teammates of high school or collegiate teams
  • Coaches from those teams
  • Former classmates
  • Former teachers
  • People from church
  • Favorite waiter or waitress at restaurants you frequent
  • People at an organization or club of which you’re a part
  • Mechanic you always use
  • Former coworkers
  • Former bosses
  • People with which you play recreation league ball
  • Neighbors

Stop making prospecting difficult

Cody always tells a story of when he sold a policy to the guy who collects his trash. When you truly get serious about insurance prospecting and want to sell insurance, you’ll be able to fill up the names on this list in short time.

Are you hesitant to pitch the names on this list? Think about this:

If something happened to them and they had no coverage or were under insured, you would feel absolutely awful for not trying to protect them.

So, how do you approach a warm market prospect? Present it as either:

  1. A lunch or dinner meet-up
  2. Them helping you work on your pitch

Need a script? Here you go:

“Hey, (prospect name)! What’s up! *Shoot the breeze and catch up* Hey, I don’t know if you heard, but I’m in the insurance business now. I’m loving it and really enjoy helping people. I know you probably have insurance already. I’m going to see if I can save you some money. Let’s grab dinner. Should I come over there or should you come over to my place?”

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