Insurance recruiting basics

Insurance recruiting basics

A quote Cody Askins, our founder, said on his 8% Nation Podcast made us laugh and cry at the same time this week — ” Most agents focus on recruiting before they know how to spell the word insurance.”

We laughed because it was brutal but we cried because it is true. Now, let’s explore when it is the right time for you to recruit and how to do so effectively.

When to begin insurance recruiting

Back to that quote. What Cody meant was you need to be successful yourself before you start building a team.

Not only does it make sense — it’s easier to teach success if you’ve had it — it makes recruiting easier. If you have social proof your system is successful, people will be more apt to believe it. Otherwise, it’s like a fat track coach telling you to run faster while he’s following in a golf cart.

We understand the allure. Having overrides on policies your team sells gives you a passive income. But if you’re struggling and your team can’t look to you for an example of success they won’t respect you. Then you’ll spend most of your time having to replace agents who leave to find better situations.

You need to be a leader and a mentor to agents if you want to build a team. Not just someone who takes a cut of their efforts.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s a couple ways to improve your recruiting efforts.

Don’t always dismiss lesser-experienced applicants

A good portion of our staff are in positions that don’t match their college degrees or past experience. If your gut says they are hard-working, flexible, caring, and have a learner’s mentality, hire them. Find out how to test for these characteristics because they are ones that can’t be taught. You can teach someone how to say the things that make people realize they need to buy insurance. You can’t change someone’s personality. So, decide what qualities you want in a person and hire based on those. Also, candidates with great personalities will help build solid office culture.

Utilize your website

Just as every sales prospect is going to look up your digital footprint, so too will your potential recruits. Your website should have your mission, values, and goals on it. So, have a tab that will effectively recruit employees who share your values and goals. Keep it up-to-date with your available positions and explain why someone looking would want to work for you.

For ideas on insurance recruiting, agency building, and becoming a successful insurance agent someone would want to work for, join us for our next 8% Nation Insurance Wealth Conference.

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