Successful insurance agents share these characteristics

Successful insurance agents do these three things

After the 2019 edition of the 8% Nation Insurance Wealth Conference, we realized some similarities in all successful insurance agents.

Each had these three characteristics:

  1. Possessed a mission
  2. Made a decision to succeed
  3. Executed their plans

Do these things really make a person more successful? Yes. Let us explain how.

Why a mission is important for insurance agents

Here’s an excerpt from a Zig Ziglar story that illustrates our point beautifully. It’s about basketball players coming out to the court to find their basketball goals have been removed:

As they get to the court they stop short and, in complete confusion which gives way to frustration and anger, they point out that the goals have been removed. They angrily demand to know how they can play a game without the goals. They know that without goals, they would never know whether they hit or missed, never know how they stacked up against competition, and never know whether they were on or off target. As a matter of fact, they wouldn’t even attempt to play the basketball game without the goals. Those basketball goals are important, aren’t they? What about you? Are you attempting to play the game of life without goals? If you are, what’s the score?

It sounds silly to not have goals now, huh? It really is. Goals help:

  • Provide steps to accomplish your dreams
  • Keep you moving forward
  • Provide motivation
  • Hold you accountable

Making a decision to succeed

It’s not enough to put your goals up on a board, write them down, or whatever you do to keep them in front of you — which is an important step to help with accountability.

You must make the decision that, no matter what, you’re going to strive to hit those goals.

It’s going to be hard at times and you will be tested. There’ll be times where you have to get creative with prospecting, endure lots of appointment no-shows, and all the normal pitfalls that make you want to give up.

That’s when you’ll need to make that decision to keep pushing to accomplish your mission.

Executing your plans

Sounds obvious, right? OK, it kind of is.

But the amount of people who follow through on their goals is incredibly miniscule.

You’ve likely heard this on a news station around January 1 of every year, but less than 10% of New Year’s Resolutions are carried through. In fact, it’s about the same amount of insurance agents that stick around past year three of their career — 8%.

Now, how many of you insurance agents are ready to be a part of 8% Nation?


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