Selling insurance over the phone

Tips for selling insurance over the phone

Agents who can excel at selling insurance over the phone are about to be more in demand.

Insurance telesales is expected to grow by about 10% in the coming years according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

However, insurance agents are still hovering around a 92% failure rate in their first three years.

Why is this?

One huge mistake during their phone calls…

Selling insurance over the phone is difficult if you do this

What is that one glaring mistake most insurance telesales agents are making?

They pause at inopportune times.

When you pause, you lose control of the call, demonstrate a lack of confidence, and are asking for them to insert an objection.

How can you replace that pause with something that will actually help you close them or set the appointment?

Ask a question!

You can start off by asking them:

“Now, you filled out a form online asking for me to provide you with the new (insert product) information. You said your favorite color was green. I’m assuming you remember that, right?”

Now, that memory jogger is something in our leads. But it’s only one example of a question you can ask.

Replace pauses with questions

If you’re setting appointments to close in person, here are a couple of other questions you can ask so you don’t kill your calls with a pause:

  • I’ll be out in your area on (insert day), what time do you think I should drop off this information? In the morning or afternoon?
  • Is there any reason you wouldn’t be there at this time?

There’s not too much room for error if you use our script and verbiage.

Our strategy on the phone is to simply set the appointment. Not qualify the prospect, sell, or anything else.

If you’re going to try to close on the phone, here are some questions we like to use during our presentation that could work on the phone as well:

  • What got you thinking about this coverage? (Provides you with their “why”)
  • There are five benefits to our policy, that my clients love. I’d love to share them with you. Is that OK?
  • Of those five benefits, which one was your favorite? (if they say, “I don’t know” ask, “If you had to choose, which one would it be?”

There are many more we could list, but you are getting the idea.

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